Through our online information portal, parents benefit from our online portal which provides access to real time online information about everything they wish to know and more about their children activities in the school such as class assignments, class notes, class/subject attendance, and performances and results.

We also have dedicated whatsapp group through which parents can reach us.

Below are some of the features of the information portal that parents love:

Attendance Register
Parents can now monitor their wards’ class attendance online as it is now digitized on EduPorch.

Online Report
No more paper report cards again as they are fully digitized and available online

Parents can now monitor their ward(s) school activities by accessing their timetable online

Assignment can now be given and submitted online

Class Note
Students can now acess their class notes while at home

No need to call/visit school for resumption dates, holidays, e.t.c. as the school calendar is now available online via EduPorch.

online portal


Choose which of the school annexes you want to log into i.e Ogudu or Oko Oba Branch/annex
For Ogudu; choose either the high school or primary school,
For Oko Oba, click on the Oko Oba link
Below are the direct links for the campuses:

(Ogudu primary):

(Ogudu high):

(Oko-oba Branch): mictecokooba.eduporch. com

The Page will require you to login using your username and password
Kindly login using the username and password given to you or use your child’s admission number as the username with the default password of 12345.
You can navigate to your child’s page from there.

Note: If you encounter any difficulty logging in, kindly send an email to or contact either the Head of School or the Principal