Pupils between the ages of 18 months to 4 years are cared for with the creative implementation of our curriculum which helps to lay a solid foundation for continuous training. They are also exposed to adult key roles to enable them to develop an awareness of their immediate and international environment.

We provide a calm and positive environment for the children to explore and gain a positive understanding of the world.

Mictec also provides a homely atmosphere where every child matters and his/her potentials/skills are harnessed while encouraging regular communication with parents.


How We Handle Different Learning Paces

The learners are divided into groups selectively to accommodate fast learners and slow learners. When it’s time for each group to make a presentation, we ensure the task is handled by the slow learners as it motivates them to put in more time than others. After each presentation, the presenter knows he or she has to provide an answer to any question,
based on which his/her group will be graded. So,
the entire members of the group study and
prepare as a whole.

Our curriculum takes care of the six broad areas of child development:

  • Personal/physical development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Communication, language, and literacy development
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative development

It is our secret recipe that nurtures the generational legacy of tasteful education.

The emphasis of our curriculum at this stage of child development is knowledge and understanding.

Our parents are always amazed at how much our pupils know and understand their world.

In Year 1-6, we offer the following subjects:

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Civic/Social studies
  • Religious Knowledge
  • Creative and Cultural Arts
  • French
  • Yoruba
  • Music
  • Diction/Etiquette/Poise
  • Leadership Education
primary (1)

We lay and complement the foundational basics required to transform young minds from knowledge acquisition to practical understanding.

Our students are able to gain a practical understanding of how their world works, the nitty-gritty of the back-end design that supports the front-end functionalities.

A key outcome of this stage is that our students begin to see in themselves potential for certain careers. This fantasy facilitates easier learning in the future.


  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. The Nigerian Language comprising
    • Igbo
    • Yoruba
  4. Basic Science and Technology (BST) comprising
    • Basic Science
    • Basic Technology
    • Physical and Health Education
    • Computer Studies(ICT)
  5. Pre-Vocational Studies (PVS) comprising
    • Home Economics
    • Agriculture
  6. Religious and National Values Education(RVE) comprising
    • Christian Religious Studies
    • Social Studies
    • Civic Education
    • Security Education
  7. Cultural and Creative Arts comprising
    • Arts,
    • Music,
    • Drama
  8. Business Studies
  9. French Language
junior (1)

Our students are prepared to be focused and trained to set, pursue, and achieve goals as they would be sitting for major certificate examinations. They are exposed to the art of choosing the right career and to discover things about themselves that ordinarily would not have happened without deep self-reflection.

More importantly, we train them to be adaptable to global challenges.



  • English Language, Mathematics


  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Mathematics, Agriculture


Civic Education, Accounting, Commerce

Economics, Geography, Government, History, Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Studies (CRS), Visual Arts, Nigerian Languages (Yoruba, Igbo)


Technical Drawing, Foods, and Nutrition, Computer Studies, Home Management


Leadership/Entrepreneurship, Electronics, Fishery, Book Keeping, Block laying and Concrete Work, Catering Craft Practices, Marketing, Data processing, Dyeing and Bleaching, Garment Making, Photography



English as a second language
Mathematics, General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


English as a second language, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, Geography, Biology, Economics, Sociology and Business Studies.

Cambridge O’Level

Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Literature-in-English, Agriculture.

a. SAT