Dr. Michael Tejuosho
CEO / Managing Director

Welcome to Mictec Advantage

I am delighted to introduce to you the benefits that educating your child/ward at Mictec International School affords. You want the best for them, no doubt. Let me encourage you, therefore, to probe deeper as we are ready to subject our educational systems, processes, and facilities to your review.

The modern world makes enormous demands on our dear young ones. This is why we pride ourselves at Mictec International School on providing them with access to the best curricular and personal development skills they need to fulfil their potentials as future leaders.

At Mictec International School, we provide the opportunities that help them to appreciate and exercise their leadership capabilities with wisdom, humility and compassion – qualities that are solely needed in today’s highly individualistic world.

I will be least surprised if you find Mictec to be an exceptional school. This is because the word ‘SERVICE’ does not only form an acronym for our core values, it is the philosophy that underpins every aspect of our operations.

This guarantees that our students not only benefit from an outstanding educational experience, but also grow up feeling valued as individuals, with profound respect for themselves, their neighbors, and the environment.

I invite you to get to know us better by visiting our campuses. We are very proud of our school. When you come to see us, I am sure you will understand why.


To prepare every child for global relevance through qualitative education and sound moral instructions.


To raise dynamic leaders for global impact.

Core Values


School Anthem

1. Mictec our School alone we hail
For the foundation it laid solid to
build our future on.
Mictec School to lead us on
We shall be pride to our parents,
Gem and jewels to the Country,
We pray Lord, Oh, help Mictec.
Dutiful Mictec we hail thee.

2. O Lord, lead Mictec on the way;
Guide the teachers, Oh, we pray.
Mictec yes, the school stands the test.
We children shall all excel.
We are the leaders of tomorrow
Who must be loyal and honest.
Lord, Guide us all, help us to know
that Your hand holds our tomorrow.

School Pledge

I pledge to Mictec my school
To be dutiful, loyal and honest;
To learn and promote the image
of Mictec School everywhere,
To be dutiful to the School,
To my parents and to the society;
To bring honour and glory to the School
Mictec, and to my country Nigeria.
So help me God!