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The following contains sanctions for breaking general rules and regulations of the School.

All students of the School are subject to discipline irrespective of their parental background.

Parents who do not wish their Child/Ward disciplined are requested to state it and sign the form on the last page of the general rules and regulations and return the signed form to the School Registrar. 


The Principal has the responsibility for ensuring that the School rules and regulations are maintained within the premises of the School. The Principal through his officers may take any action at any time as may deem necessary or expedient to maintain peace, protect properties, promote and protect the safety and welfare of the students and staff of the School.

1. Arson and Willful Destruction:

Careless or willful destruction or damage to School property will attract severe punishment as may be determined by the School disciplinary committee.

a. Nocturnal arson is criminal and students caught or suspected to be involved in the act are expelled.

b. It is a serious offense to manhandle any School materials and equipment. They must be handled with care.

2. Stealing/Theft:

Theft will attract such disciplinary measures as suspension and expulsion.

3. Fighting:

Fighting is forbidden. Student caught fighting will be punished.

4. Unlawful Meetings and Demonstrations is Forbidden:

Class boycott is not allowed. Absence from School without permission is punishable.

a. Unlawful gathering and Protest.

b. Roaming about when lessons are in progress forbidden.

c. It is a serious offense, for students to exchange classes.

5. Libelous Writings and Publications:

Obscene and libelous publications is not allowed in the School.

a. Carrying tales (rumour) and using uncultured language is prohibited.

b. Writing on the School wall, Locker, tables and furniture is forbidden.

6. Visiting

Students Visitors are not allowed during school hours. They cannot be entertained. Parents and their relations cannot visit their ward during school hours. They may not be allowed to give items to their ward. Loitering is not allowed. Parents must ensure that they book appointment to see the Principal before hand. All visitors are advised to go to the School Registrar.

7. Noise Making

Making loud noise and distracting noise is not tolerated. It is punishable.

a. Library: See Library rules.

8. Drug Use:

Drug abuse is criminal and punishable by suspension and students caught with drugs are sent out of the School.

a. Students on special medication should hand over prescribed drugs to the School staff nurse at the medical center for safe keeping and dispensation.

b. Students who fall sick during the School hours should report to the class teacher. Sick students need not come to School, but the School authority should be informed.

9. Gambling

Gambling of any type is forbidden.

a. Toy machine, radios, Walk-mans, Video tapes, recorders, Computer games, Hard Currencies, Game instrument and gadgets should not be brought into the School. Such items sized will not be returned, they are sent to charity homes.

10. Cult and Secret Societies

Cult is prohibited. Students suspected and found to be connected with cult and secret societies will be expelled. 

a. Practicing strange religious acts is not allowed. Insistence on any strange religious practices will lead to expulsion from the School. The School is a Christian School, therefore the practices of religions are allowed.

b. Anti-Social behaviours manifested by students are investigated and punished. 

11. Smoking and use of Pollutants:

Smoking is Criminal act in the School, students caught are expelled.

a. Use of pollutant by students to drug other students is forbidden.

12. Drunkenness is forbidden and suspected cases of drunkenness will be punished with expulsion.

13. Examination Conduct:

Examination conduct and malpractices (See Rules and Guidelines on Examination).

14. School Bell

It is mandatory for Students to obey School Bell whenever it is sounded. Failure to obey the bell is punishable.

15. Language Use:

The official mode of communication is English Language. The National Languages may be used in class situation. All other forms of Languages are not allowed.

16. Lateness

All students are expected to resume daily at the School compound at 7:30am prompt, sign in the students Attendance Register at the gate and sign out at the departure time.

a. Latecomers will be punished and may not be allowed into the classroom until the beginning of a new lesson period.

17. Assemblies:

It is mandatory that all students be present at the School Assemblies.

a. Students are expected to sing and stand at attention whenever the National Anthem and pledge are sung or being recited.

18. Eating Habit

Eating and chewing inside the classrooms, Laboratories, workshops, and at assemblies is not allowed.

a. It is not the tradition of Mictec International High School Students to eat and chew gum in and outside the School, Students caught doing so are punished.

19. Cleanness and Tidiness:

Sweeping the School compound and surroundings is the responsibility of every student. It is a tradition for students to pick up litter anywhere on the compound and disposed of them in bins without being told.

a. Students are made to sweep and clean their classrooms daily after closing hours. This is supervised by class captains.

b. Students are strongly advised to keep off flower pot and wall decorations.

20. School Uniform and Dressing:

All Students come and remain in the School Uniform. No other uniform is allowed.

a. Only the School recommended shoes may be worn during school hours. Bathroom slippers are prohibited.

b. Students should be properly dressed and must appear neat and tidy always within and outside the School premises. Dirty, indecent and irresponsible appearances will attract stern punishment.

c. It is a serious offence for students to have in their bag clothes to exchange into after school hours.

d. Students are not allowed to use perfumes, keep long nails, wear rings or fly the top of their shirts.

e. Boys must cut their h air short to an even length. Unorthodox hair cuts, blow hair, straightened hair or any elaborate hair styles are not permitted.

f. Girls must be adhered to the hair style prescribed for each week in the School.

21. Working Tools:

Recommended text books, chairs, drawing board and one mathematical set are provided to all student. The school authority has the right to demand for students working tools and writing materials.

a. Students without their working tools are punished and ordered to use their cash ticket to buy them from the School tuck shop.

b. Students notebooks are inspected every fortnight and randomly.

22. Take Home Assignment

Students who fail to do assignment may be punished and suspected. It is a very Serious offence to have assignment undone.

a. It is mandatory for students to have 20 Mathematical assignments, 20 English Languages assignments and eight assignments in other subjects at the end of every months.

23. Pocket Money:

Students are NOT allowed to bring money to the School.

a. (Exceptions) Parents wishing their ward to come home on public transport should indicate in writing and stage the amount given to their child. Such money must be deposited with Accounts Officer for safe keeping.

b. Parents are also expected to open an Account for t heir child/ward with the Accounts Officer, Students will be able to collect cash if required for public transport.

24. Mid-day Meal:

All students eat in the Multipurpose Hall at Lunch time. No student is allowed to remain behind in the classroom.

 a. Mictec International High School students are not allowed to buy food around the School. Parents should ensure that their child eat breakfast before leaving for school or packed breakfast may be brought to school.

b. Only the Lunch tickets which have been paid for can be tendered before students are granted admittance into the Lunch hall.

c. See Lunch Time Guideline.

25. School Societies and Club

All students of the School belong to Literary and debating Society and JETS Club. A student may belong to one other re-creation club in addition to the School Clubs.

a. Club meetings are compulsory. Students are expected to formally register in the clubs they belong to.

26. Exit

No Student should go out of the School Compound without obtaining an Exit permit from the Principal or the Registrar.

a. Students from single parents must always collect a clearance card from the Principal or the Registrar before they can be taken away.

27. General Obedience:

Students must respect both teaching and non-teaching staff at all times. Prefects and class Captain should also be respected.

28. Students of Mictec International High School must behave decently always in and outside the School.

29. Students are strongly advised to keep off area marked “Out of Bounds” at all times.

30. Students must ensure that they do that which is right always and they would have obeyed al the stated rules and regulations.

31. Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebration is allowed but restricted to Lunch time. Parents wishing to entertain the class and friends should inform the School before the day.

























Principal's Desk

It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your child(ren) to MICTEC INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL-the school with a will to win. 

As our motto indicates, the totality of our programmes here are geared towards enabling our students to make maximum use of their time in worthwhile academics and co-curricular ventures. You are therefore assured of a stimulating environment in which every child is encouraged at all times to aim beyond the skies. 

However, you will be intimated through this medium with some of our ethos, activities, facilities, and programmes. You are encouraged to pay us a visit when we shall be glad to conduct you on a facility tour of our premises.