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General Information

Ensure that your child/ward comes to school dressed in proper uniform.

Always write your ward's name and class on every belonging of his/hers.

Intimate the school in case of any change in your address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address. This will facilitate school authorities to contact the parents in case of any emergency..

Refer to the school website on regular basis for latest updates.

All Saturdays are non-working days for students. However, pupils/students can be asked to report to school for remedial classes or co-curricular activities, whenever required.

Communication Book

The Communication Book is designed to act as a medium facilitating effective communication between parents and teachers. Ensure you go through it daily and make comments as well as attest with your signature.

Ensure that your ward/child brings the Communication Book to school every day.

Kindly take note of the assignments and supervise your ward/child in getting them done.

Check the Parents Forum on Whatsapp regularly for information from the school. This may also be used by the parent/s for communicating with the teacher/s or school authorities. Your mobile number is added to this group once your child/ward becomes a pupil/student of the school.

Home Assignments

Regular homework assignments are given to pupils/students to reinforce the learning in school. Homework also helps to inculcate good study habits among students.

Parents/Guardians must ensure that their child(ren)/ward(s):

·                     Is regular in doing homework.

·                     Do(es) the homework neatly and on his/her own.

·                     Submit(s) the homework on time.


All requirements of leave should be applied for in advance, except in case of emergency.

Parents are requested to write officially to the school through the Principal/HOS.

Leaves during Continuous Assessment tests and terminal exams are strongly discouraged.

Leave on account of illness during exams or otherwise will be granted only if a medical certificate for the same is submitted.

Holidays in addition to the regular term breaks should be avoided.


Parents/Guardians must inform the HOS/Principal in writing regarding the details of any medicine that their child/ward needs to take regularly or if he/she is allergic to any drug.

Pupils/Students suffering from contagious diseases should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine is over.

Healthy Eating Habits

Mid day meals are provided for all pupils/students from Monday to Friday, whenever the school is in session.

All pupils/students are expected to bring their water bottles along with cutlery and napkin.

The school always discourages outside food although a few healthy snacks are available in the tuck shop.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Schedule for the Meetings is always communicated through the Whatsapp group. However, parents are also informed about the Meeting the Communication Book.

Always try to reach the Parent Teacher Meeting venue well in time.

Adherence to time schedule of Meeting is desirable

Open Day

Open Day should be utilized as a platform to interact with the teachers to be well informed regarding the academic progress and behaviour of the child.

The Open Day Feedback form must be filled by either of the parents or the guardian present.

School Fees Collection

 All students are expected to present evidence of payment of school fees on resumption.

Cash payment is not allowed.

All fees paid are not transferable and non-refundable.

The child/ward whose school fees are not paid within the stipulated period will not be allowed into the school premises.

Issuance of personal cheques is not allowed. Bank drafts are the only acceptable form of payment apart from paying directly to the bank using the bank teller.

Any parent who made transfer via the bank should forward evidence of payment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parents are to pay the school fees into the bank using the details attached to the school bill.

Parents are to write the name of the pupil/student in full (surname and first name) as the depositor. This will aid the issuance of receipts promptly.

School Transport

Transport fee is payable within the first week of resumption. The amount is to be deposited along with the school fee.

The child/ward will be taken back to the school if there is no one to pick him/her up at the Collection Point.

Parents/Guardians are not to send anyone else to pick/drop their child(ren)/ward(s) without a proper authority letter that has been duly signed by you. It must also consist of your residence/mobile numbers.

In case your child/ward doesn't reach back at the scheduled time, contact the Head of School/Principal.


Mictec International School is committed to making our school a safe and caring environment for all pupils students.  We will treat each other with respect and refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind.

Definition: Bullying is unfair and one-sided. Bullying behaviour happens when someone keeps hurting, harassing, intimidating, threatening, or causing substantial emotional distress to a person.  Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication media (cell phones, text messages, instant messaging, social networks, etc.) to bully anotherpupil/ student in the ways described above. Bullying and cyberbullying interfere with a pupil/student’s educational opportunities and can substantially disrupt the orderly operations of the school.

Bullying behaviours include the following:

·         Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, or pushing.

·         Stealing or damaging another person’s things.

·         Ganging up on someone.

·         Teasing someone in a hurtful way.

·         Using put-downs (i.e., insulting or making fun of someone).

·         Spreading rumours or untruths about someone.

·         Leaving someone out on purpose, or trying to get other kids not to play with someone.

·         Using any electronic communication device (texting, cell phones, social networks, etc.) to insult, threaten, or post untrue information or embarrassing photos about another student. 


Consequences for Violation of the Anti-Bullying Policy:

Bully behaviour, including cyberbullying, will not be tolerated. If cyberbullying occurs outside of school hours, but the repercussions are brought to school and disrupt the school and/or interfere with a pupil/student’s emotional/social wellbeing, consequences will be given. Depending on the severity and nature of the incident, Mictec International School will take one or more of the following steps when bullying occurs:

·         Intervention, Warning, and Redirection: A teacher, principal, or staff member will ensure that the immediate behaviour stops and reinforce to the pupil/student who is doing the bullying, that bullying will not be tolerated. During this meeting with the pupil/student, the staff member will redirect the pupil/student and come up with a plan for success should they find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

·         Notification of Parents/Guardian:  The parents/guardian might be asked to meet with the Principal/HOS, including the student’s teacher and/or the school Guidance Counselor. 

·         Resolution with the Target of the Bullying: The pupil/student who is bullying may be required to write a letter of apology to the pupil/student who was bullied. Depending upon the nature of the incident, the pupils/students involved may meet to help resolve the problem and ensure it does not happen again.  

·         Referral to School Support Staff: The pupil/student who is bullying may meet with the school Guidance Counselor to help prevent future violations. 

·         Consequences: The pupil/student who is bullying may lose school privileges such as being prevented from becoming a prefect in the school or serving on the Student Representative Council. 

·         Suspension: In cases of severe or repeated bullying, the pupil/student will be suspended.



School assembly sessions are mandatory for all pupils/students of the school. The assembly commences at 7:40am in the High school and 7:50am in the Primary section. The Head of School/HOS makes announcements, gives awards, recognizes students for leadership, etc. Lateness to school is not allowed.

Student assessment is a vital part of the educational process. The continuous assessment (CA) makes up 40% while the examination is 60%. There are various ways of assessing the learners such as through written tests, projects, practicals, etc. 


 Attendance Procedure 

Regular attendance is important for pupils/students to be successful learners. When a pupil/student is absent, they miss out on the sequence of instruction and must spend extra time catching up with their classmates upon returning to school.

Parents entering into the classes during school hours is not allowed.

Absences for learners: Pupils/Students are required to attend school and classes on time each day. Punctuality is a measure of responsibility and the school deems it important that all students learn the value of being punctual.

Excused Absences:  Justification for absence is very limited.  Absences will be excused only for health reasons, family emergencies and justifiable personal reasons.


A pupil/student shall be excused from school when the absence is:

·         Due to his or her illness.

·         Due to quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer.

·         For the purpose of having medical services rendered.

·         Due to illness or medical appointment during school hours - Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours.

·         For the purpose of attending the funeral services of a member of his or her immediate family.

·         For justifiable personal reasons.

Unexcused Absences:  Absences from school for any reason not outlined above.

·         Parent/Guardian must notify the school office/Head of School/Principal of pupil/student’s absence.

·         A note from the physician may be required when an excessive number of medical excuses are noted.

The Head of School/Principal reserves the right to determine whether an absence is excused and/or if there is a pattern of non-attendance.  Absences will be logged as they accumulate during the school year. PLEASE CALL EACH DAY YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT.

Prompt Afterschool Pickup: School ends at 2:00pm(except on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays when Refreshers Classes are on) and Staff supervision ends at 4:30 pm in the Primary sections while school ends at 4:00pm and Staff supervision ends at 5:00pm. Pupils/Students not picked up by 5:00 pm will be directed to After School. Parents/Guardians of pupils/students sent to the After School will pay a fine of N1000 per hour any day such a child is picked up late.

Medical Appointments: We urge parents to schedule medical and dental appointments so they do not conflict with class time. If a pupil/student needs to be checked out of class, parents must come to the office to sign them out (and back when they return). We will call the classroom to have your child come to the Principal/Head of School’s office.

 Cell Phones/Handheld Portable Devices 

 Cell phones and smart watches, except tablets for e-learning, cannot be used during school hours. They should be left at home. If pupils/students need to call a parent during school hours, they may ask to use a school phone. The school phone will be used under strict supervision of the Head of School/Principal. Pupils/Students may not use the phone to make arrangements for social activities.

Parents are requested to call pupils/students only in emergencies. Items and messages brought to school for pupils/students during school hours are to be brought to the office. Please do not deliver them to the classroom, as this interferes with the continuity of the learning process. Messages and materials will be left for the teacher to be picked up at break time or at the end of the school day.

Class Placement 

When we assign pupils/students to classes for the next school year, we endeavour to meet the needs of the individual child and develop classes whose balance and dynamics contribute to a positive learning environment. To achieve well-balanced classes, we consider a balance of girls and boys, health concerns, behaviour concerns, academic strengths and weaknesses, familiar faces (e.g. students who have been placed in his or her class previously) etc. It is a lengthy, complicated and painstaking process, but we believe that is essential to create classes that are well balanced, manageable for teachers, and acceptable to the majority of our families. Because of the many variables that go into the careful consideration of the makeup of each class, we cannot accommodate parent requests for a particular placement for a child.  Please be assured that we care about your child and will provide a successful school year filled with learning, friendships and excitement.  The placement of pupils/students each year is a task that our staff takes very seriously and takes into account many, many circumstances. You can feel confident that our goal is to create the most positive, productive learning environment for each and every student at Mictec Schools.


The Crèche offers child care to babies aged three month to a year old. Parents are solely responsible for the cost of feeding for their babies. Parents are also expected to provide all the babies need on a daily basis. However, the school provides sleeping mats and toys for the babies to make use of. The Crèche opens at 6:30am and closes at 7:00pm.

 Strict Supervision

 Once pupils/students arrive on the school grounds, they must remain on the premise until the end of the school day. Pupils/Students who need to leave school before the end of the day need to be checked out by the Head of School/Principal.

  Discipline Policy & Procedures

The primary mission of the school's discipline policy is to develop a structure of consistency in discipline using a proactive, preventative approach where pupils/students develop a respect for others, themselves, and learning. An important element of this policy is how well the pupils/students understand the rules and consequences. All pupils/students and parents will be asked to review the rules together at the beginning of each year and to sign a form stating that they understand the rules and consequences.  

  Dress Code

The following are NOT allowed:

·         Emblems, lettering, or pictures related to drugs, alcohol, sex, or profanity

·         Chains or weapons on clothing

·         Flip-flop type sandals, platform or slip-on shoes which could be unsafe

·         Jewellery  that dangles and could be unsafe

·         Wearing of beads in hair

·         Using of hair attachments, extensions and weave-on.

·         NO makeup, including glitter, or false finger nails

·         Any items of clothing or manner of wearing clothing that contributes to the disruption of a productive learning environment and the safe operation of the school

Due to safety issues, the style of footwear is very important. Shoes for boys should be leather, have hard sole and be laced-up while leather slip-ons are acceptable for girls. Athletic shoes are allowed only for participating in outdoor/physical education activities.

The pupils in the primary section have days when they are allowed to put on the sportswear for the whole day. In the High School, students are meant to put on their sportswear when it’s time for sporting activities and put back their school uniforms and shoes afterwards. Sport wears are not to be worn inside the class room.

Thank you for your support and cooperation with our school dress code policy. The positive message that school is a place to work and learn is reinforced when our students come to school dressed appropriately.


Educational Activities and Programs

It is one of our goals at Mictec International School to provide students with a variety of experiences that enhance student learning. Following are some of the activities students may participate in:

Field Trips: Classes take field trips to various educational and motivational places that supplement the classroom curriculum. At times there are entrance fees charged along with bus transportation costs. Parents may be asked to make a donation to help pay these costs.  

Library/Media Center: We are fortunate to have a library with an excellent collection of books that meet a wide range of interests and investigations. Pupils/Students in each classroom visit the library once a week. The Librarian will expose students to different types of genres. Pupils/Students are responsible for paying the replacement or repair costs for lost or damaged books they have checked out. Report cards will be held until all checked out books are returned or the replacement/repair costs paid. Parents may contact the Head of School/Principal for more specific information regarding library use.

Other fun and educative activities offered to the pupils/students include Ballet, Bead making, Swimming, Taekwondo and much, much more! 

It is mandatory for each student in the High School to join a Co-Curricular Club. Some of these clubs are JETS Club, Literary & Debating Society, Drama Group, Home Makers Club and The Young Farmers Club.



 Emergency Procedures
During an emergency, children will be dismissed by the Head of School/Principal to go home only if there is time to return them safely to their homes, and parents can be notified. If a pupil/student's parents cannot be contacted and/or the parent is unable to pick up their child, the school will maintain responsibility for the pupil/student until the parent or authorized individual can pick up the student. At no time will a student be excused except to the care of a parent or other adult designated on the proxy card or the admission form.

In the event of an emergency, school personnel need to be involved in caring for the students, and telephone lines need to be kept open for communications with proper authorities.

 Grounds for Suspension

·         Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.

·         Possessed, sold or furnished firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object.

·         Possessed, used, sold, furnished or been under the influence of drugs, alcohol, a controlled substance or intoxicant.

·         Offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell look-alike controlled substances, alcohol, or intoxicants.

·         Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.

·         Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property.

·         Stole or attempted to steal school or private property.

·         Possessed or used tobacco or product containing tobacco or nicotine.

·         Committed obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.

·         Possessed, offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia.

·         Disrupted school activities, willfully defied valid school personnel in the performance of their duties.

·         Knowingly received stolen school property or private property.

·         Engaged in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by a means of an electronic act, directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel.

·         Committed sexual harassment

·         Participated in an act of hate violence

·         Harassed, threatened, or intimidated another student.

·         Any form of assault on any staff of the school.



 Children must have proof of immunization against polio, measles, mumps, diphtheria, and tetanus. This requirement may be waived for religious reasons only. The proper health forms are available in the school office. If your child becomes ill or injured during the school day, parents will first be notified. If we are unable to reach the parent, we will call the people listed on the admission form. Be sure to keep up-to-date information on your child's form, which is on file in the school office.

School personnel may not administer medication without a prescription from the doctor. This prescription must be issued to the pupil/student. The medication must be in the proper bottle displaying the prescription information. This includes aspirin, decongestants, cough drops, or any over-the-counter medication.


Homework Policy

Purpose: The purpose of assigning homework at Mictec Schools is to strengthen academic skills, reinforce concepts taught by teachers, develop student responsibility and accountability, and promote parent awareness.

Definition: Homework may be an independent activity, or may require parental help, to be accomplished outside of the school day and without benefit of teacher assistance, to reinforce previously learned ideas.

Unfinished class work or work missed due to absences, although accomplished outside of the school day, is not included in the school's definition of homework.

Homework will generally fall into one or more of these different categories and may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:

·          Practice - This includes activities to reinforce skills such as studying spelling words and practicing math facts.

·          Preparation - These are assignments designed to provide background information and focus on future class activities. Studying for tests and reading supplementary materials are examples of such homework assignments.

·          Extension/Creative - Activities such as book reports, science projects, and research for social studies reports are examples of such homework.

·          Amount of Homework: The amount of homework assigned shall be related to the maturity and ability level of the pupils/students in a given class.

Pupils/Student's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the pupil/student to note and understand the homework assignment, complete it, and return it to school on the required day. Teachers may use homework assignments to help determine a pupil/student's grade.

Parent's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the parent to set a specific time and place for doing homework and to monitor the student's homework. If at any time a parent has a concern about the school's homework policy, they are to contact their child's teacher.

Teacher's Responsibility: Teachers will be responsible for assigning homework to pupils/students and for providing the necessary explanation and direction required to assure that the students can accomplish the work with reasonable success. The teacher will also monitor, assess, and acknowledge homework results for parents and pupils/students.

Specific classroom homework practice will be established by each teacher as well as this school policy and may differ from room to room depending upon the needs and abilities of the students.  

Any pupil/students who does not do his/her home work three times will have the Homework Defaulter’s Slip  filled in his/her name and a copy sent to the parents.


We make every effort to return lost items if names are on them. Please ensure that your child's name is on cardigans, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other personal items that may be misplaced. The school will not be held responsible for missing items.




 The Pupils/Students engage in physical exercise once weekly before the commencement of classes on the selected days.



 Your child’s safety is vitally important to us. Security details are always on standby while Teachers on duty welcome the pupils to the school as well as assist parents with taking the younger children to their respective classes. Supervision begins at 7:00am and pupils/students cannot be dropped off before this time.  

The school office is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on all days when pupils/students are in attendance.



 No toys or sport equipment, from home, are allowed at school.   This rule applies to before and after school also.  We provide balls and other equipment for use at recess time.  


All visitors must sign-in and out in the Security Post.


Birthday Celebrations

 When it is time to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion, many of us love to make special treats for our children. The school does not allow edibles and drinks to be shared to classmates by the celebrant. However birthday cakes can be brought to the school for the purpose of the classmates to take photographs with the celebrant. The cakes must be returned to the parents by the class teacher whole. Gifts items can be shared and suggestions include toys, writing materials, and story books among others. 

There should be prior notice to the Head of School/Principal concerning celebration of birthdays in the school.


Parents/Guardians can access all the information about their children/wards by logging on to the portal with their phone numbers registered with the school and the passwords given to them.










Principal's Desk

It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your child(ren) to MICTEC INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL-the school with a will to win. 

As our motto indicates, the totality of our programmes here are geared towards enabling our students to make maximum use of their time in worthwhile academics and co-curricular ventures. You are therefore assured of a stimulating environment in which every child is encouraged at all times to aim beyond the skies. 

However, you will be intimated through this medium with some of our ethos, activities, facilities, and programmes. You are encouraged to pay us a visit when we shall be glad to conduct you on a facility tour of our premises.