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Question: When was Mictec International Schools established?

Ans: Mictec International School was established in 1992. In the year 2000, Mictec International High School came into existence.

Question: What are the classes range in the school?

Ans: Our classes range from the Creche, Pre-School,Elementary Year 1 - 6, Junior and Senior High School.

Question: When does the school resume and close daily?

Ans: The school resumes 7:30am and closes 4:00pm for students in the secondary school from Mondays to Thursdays while on Fridays, the resumption time is 7:30am and closing time is 3:00pm. The primary section resumes 8:00am and closes 3:00pm while school resumes 8:00am and closes 12:30pm on Fridays. 

Question: Is Mictec International Schools a Christian school?

Ans: Our school academic operations and social life are entirely based on Christian faith.

Question: When do sales of admission forms commence?

Ans: From February of every year.

Question: What are the main strengths of the school?

Ans: Committed Teachers; Personalized support programmes; Small class sizes; Student-centred learning; Adherence to the principle of all-round excellence. 

Question: Are all classes taught in English?

Ans: Yes, except language classes.

Question: Do pupils/students wear uniforms?

Ans: Yes they do. 

Question: Does the school run a bus service for pupils/students?

Ans: School buses are available to convey pupils to the school from their homes and take them back at charges which must be met by interested parents.

Question: Does the school provide lunch for pupils?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Question: Does the school participate in external competitions?

Ans: Yes, it does. The school is always eager to present students for external competitions.

Question: How do parents get information from the school?

Ans: Through Newsletters, Text messages, e-mails and through the school's website.

Question: What is the school's policy on birthday celebrations?

Ans: Birthday celebrants are not permitted to share edibles among their classmates and friends in the school.  

Question:  Is the school a co-educational one?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Question: Does the school have boarding facilities?

Ans: Yes, it does. The school hostel is located at the Ogudu branch of the school.

Question: Do the girls and boys share the same hostel?

Ans: The Boys' Hostel occupies a completely detached wing from the Girls' Hostel and there are no avenues for interactions between both sexes outside the school premises.

Question: How secure are the hostels?

Ans:  The ultra-modern hostels and equipped with CCTV to monitor all the activities within and outside the hostel. there are highly trained security personnel who guard the premises and its environs round the clock. In addition, the Police Station is a stone-throw from the hostel location.

Question: How many branches does the school have and where are their locations?

Ans: Presently, there are two locations; Ogudu/Ojota and New Oko Oba, Agege, both in Lagos State.

Question: What curriculum does your school teach?

Ans: The Nigerian, American and British Curricula are used. Hence, our Year 12 students are prepared for the following examinations: WAEC, NECO, SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE ('O' and 'A' Levels) and CAMBRIDGE.

Question: In the Early Learning, what method do you use in introducing alphabet?

Ans: The Montessori Method is used.

 Question: Does your school go on excursions?

Ans: Yes. The excursions we often embark on have both social and educational values. The school has exchange programmes with reputable schools in Europe and America where our students travel to bi-annually.


Principal's Desk

It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your child(ren) to MICTEC INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL-the school with a will to win. 

As our motto indicates, the totality of our programmes here are geared towards enabling our students to make maximum use of their time in worthwhile academics and co-curricular ventures. You are therefore assured of a stimulating environment in which every child is encouraged at all times to aim beyond the skies. 

However, you will be intimated through this medium with some of our ethos, activities, facilities, and programmes. You are encouraged to pay us a visit when we shall be glad to conduct you on a facility tour of our premises.

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