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MICTEC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL HOSTEL was established as an essential part of the school management’s vision to build a monumental citadel where excellence in childhood education is of paramount importance. 

The hostel has standard and decent separate accommodation for both boys and girls with modern conveniences, dining room, e-library, furnished common room, clinic, reception e.t.c 


The management’s vision is to create a professionally certified environment for building young minds while sheltering them from unnecessary distractions, vice and ills of the larger society.

            To help students identify and appreciate the wealth of unity , dignity in labour, and also to develop in them a sense of discipline, self-confidence and self identification . No wonder the school management congratulates all students privileged to partake in this provision. 

REGISTRATION: Students seeking for hostel accommodation in the school must indicate in the form to be provided by the school at the Administrative block and they are required to pay the hostel fees in advance.

            Newly admitted students are expected to complete and submit the following on/before moving in

(i)     Students personal data form

(ii)   Medical form

(iii) Students undertaking

(iv)  Evidence for payment

(v)    Room allocation form 

FEES: All payments must be made before resumption termly.

No student will be allowed in the hostel without full payment at the beginning of each term.

 NOTE: A child considered to be medically unfit may not be admitted.


All students are subject to discipline, sanctions for breaking general rules and regulations of the school hostel, hence all students are expected to study the Hostel Guide. Ignorance shall not be taken as an excuse.

·         Students luggage must be inspected by the house master/matron for clearance and confirmation before been allocated into the appropriate room/bedspace.

·         Once fixed up in a room, there should be no exchange of either room or bedspace.

·         Student’s personal belongings must be well marked/labeled for easy identification

·         Only the admitted students are allowed in the hostel i.e. no squatting or loitering within the hostel premises by non-residents.

·         The house and Sunday wears, bed-sheet and pillow slips, hats (for girls only) are expected to be purchased from the school.

·         Other things such as, nightgown, pyjamas, coverlet, undies, footwear, toiletries and other things like beddings are to be brought from home.

·         Students are not allowed to take any school property out of the hostel 


v  Electronic gadgets

v  Computer games

v  Mobile phone

v  Hard currencies

v  Any of the above prohibited items discovered, reported or seized will not be returned but sent to charity homes and/or other punitive measures be taken against the recalcitrant student. 

·         DAMAGE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY- Student who damages any of the school property would be surcharged.

·         POCKET MONEY- Students in the hostel are NOT allowed to bring money/cash into the hostel. Hence parents are to purchase the TUCKSHOP CHEQUES (TSC) for their child/ward at a specified price from the school account department so as to empower him/her to buy things both in the school and hostel supermarket. 


School has made provision for good-hands who are in-charge for students’ laundry and also for the general cleaning of the hostel premises, but students are responsible for cleaning their rooms. They are to ensure that the toilets are not abused and litters are emptied into the waste basket. 

·         Students are strongly advised not to touch, write/paste on, or abuse the walls of the hostel.

·         Libelous writing and publications are not allowed in the school hostel.

·          Bullying and use of foul or derogative language is not allowed.


All illness must be reported at the school clinic for prompt attention but in the case of a serious illness, students are either confined in the medical center or sent home for proper treatment. Where the illness requires admission in the medical center, parents of such student will be informed to pick up his/her ward.


Rudeness to the House master/Matron and other members of staff in the hostel will attract severe disciplinary action. 

THE HOSTEL BELL: It is mandatory for students to obey Hostel bell whenever it is sounded, failure to obey is punishable.

During the school hour, no student is permitted to remain behind in the hostel; any student caught while checking around will be punished severely. 


·         Visitors will only be allowed into the hostel (not rooms please) on the visiting/outing day, which shall be the 3rd Saturday of every month.

·         They are expected to pass through the normal clearance and identification at the reception, it should be noted that students shall be held responsible for his/her visitor’s behavior.

·         Students are not allowed to share edible items brought by their visiting parents.

·         Students from single parents must always obtain clearance card from the Matron/House Master before they can be taken out.

·         Except on the outing/visiting day, no student in the hostel should be seen outside the school/hostel premises. Students caught stealing shall be severely punished or expelled from the hostel.


·         a)    All parent shall pick-up their child from the After School programme latest by 7pm. PENALTY  for late pick up attract a sum of N1,000 per hour.

·         b)   For safety purpose, your child shall only be released to authorized persons. Phone Call, written and photo notification shall be required if any other persons aside the listed authorized persons should come to pick up your child.

·         c)    Early notification should be given to the After School Supervisor either in witting or phone call if any child is to be picked up early.(i.e. before 7pm)

·         d)   The management of After School will only recognise authorised person who are listed in the registration form number 8 to pick up the child for emergency purpose with the necessary condition attached.


·         Items to be brought

·                          a) Students must bring with them a changing cloth.

·                          b) One exercise books...... Every other item will be made available. 


The school celebrates every child born in a particular month on the 4th Saturday of every month. Thus it would not be necessary for parents or guardians to come with food or drinks for the wards as such items would be returned back.


Stealing/theft, fighting, smoking, drunkenness, night outings, homosexuality, lesbianism, immorality in any form and gambling are forbidden in the hostel.


All students are expected to be in housewear within the hostel. The hostel management strongly discourages students from flimsy wears, pyjamas, undies and tying of towel outside their respective rooms. Indecent and improper dressing in the hostel will attract punishment. 


All students are expected to walk down into the dining hall at the sound of the bell, no student is allowed to take food into the room and a student may not take another student’s meal. Students are advised to maintain decent table manners always. 


All students are required to submit themselves to hostel weekly inspection. Any student caught for violation of hostel rules and/or scores below the standard repeatedly, will be punished as applicable to personal hygiene, room facilities, toilet usage/maintenance and academic performance. 


The rooms are allocated to boarders by the house Master/Mistress for the duration of one session, after which boarders would have to take their mattresses while going on vacation. Bed spaces are re-assigned every new session. 


Students are required to comply with the boarding requirements in respect of the item(s) to be brought into the hostel for their personal usage as contained in the boarding house requirement. Amongst others, care should be taken to ensure that items such as mattress, school box/bag are in line with the approved size:- Mattress  -   6 x 3ft

                                         Box length  -           261/2inches

                                         Breadth      -           15inches

                                         Weight       -           25kg

Oversized item(s) would not be allowed into the hostel. 



Boarders are advised to recognize themselves as peculiar students and are to behave well even while in the hostel as unruly behaviors will be punished accordingly. 

Principal's Desk

It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your child(ren) to MICTEC INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL-the school with a will to win. 

As our motto indicates, the totality of our programmes here are geared towards enabling our students to make maximum use of their time in worthwhile academics and co-curricular ventures. You are therefore assured of a stimulating environment in which every child is encouraged at all times to aim beyond the skies. 

However, you will be intimated through this medium with some of our ethos, activities, facilities, and programmes. You are encouraged to pay us a visit when we shall be glad to conduct you on a facility tour of our premises.